Régis Gonçalves

Disciplines: Mixed Media Schilderen

Adventurous Times on the Island of Good Fortune is an exhibition that ought to be perceived in different ways. At first it may refer to the exploitation of Africans and indigenous people during the Portuguese colonization in Brazil. Secondly, as a kind of representation of the first inhabitants on the Island of Good Fortune:  the indigenous people, and Africans after 1500.
Much has already been said about slavery and the slave trade. There are many articles explaining and describing the horrors occurred on the Island of Good Fortune legally from about 1501 to 1889.

My aim with this show is to encourage people to stand up against this dehumanising discrimination. Slavery and the slave trade have always existed and exist even now; it is powered by casting aside individual
rights, placing people in an inferior legal and social position, and denying their humanity. It is the supreme act of discrimination.